Inside rehearsals, projects, & process: videos.

Backstage with The Secondary Colors.

A video about the process of making "The Secondary Colors" 2011.

A look inside to the collaborative process with composer Bill Ryan.  

Project Premiere:  October 2011

Choreographer-Composer Exchange about the collaborative process between

music & dance.  Moderated by Nancy Wozny.

Documentary Short on the making of the evening length show Hometown.


Part One:  Creating, Rehearsing, Working with Karen

Part Two:  Singing, Making Ends Meet

The Hometown documentary was a project initiated by the late Roberto Pumpido.  

Sadly, Roberto succumbed to cancer in 2008 and was unable to complete the project.  

In 2010, Bubba Fish undertook using some of Roberto's footage to create this short

documentary, with the support of SwingBudFilms.  We hope you enjoy it.

Travel journal of trip to perform in Abundance 2010, Karlstad Sweden.

Abundance 2010, International Dance Festival. Title of work:  "2 for 1,

New & Used."  Includes music by Bill Ryan, re-mixes & vocals by Stokes. 

Rehearsal footage, May 2010.

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Karen Stokes Dance has been presenting original dance theater & educational programming in Houston Texas for over 20 years. 


Karen Stokes has been twice recognized as the "best choreographer in Houston" and received a Masterminds award from Houston Press. 

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