Drench, 2015. Photo: Lynn Lane

JUNE 5 & 6pm, 8:30 pm: The premiere of  DRENCH at Discovery Green's  WATER FESTIVAL

“Drench” is inspired by the landscape and architecture of Discovery Green.  Choreographer Karen Stokes integrates the boat pond, fountain, and the path that separates the two into the choreography.  Water as a dynamic, joyful, and playful element is contrasted with ideas of a solitary search and the evaporation of the water through drought.       Drench Trailer


OCTOBER 11:  SUNSET AT WHITE OAK BAYOU, part of the DEEP: Seaspace Project

Choreographer notes on "Drench"
The images and metaphors that influenced the visuals of Drench.
Adobe Acrobat document [242.8 KB]
"Channel/1836," a dance film and performance, is part of the DEEP: Seapace Project. Photo by Lynn Lane.
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