From Karen Stokes:
KSD was sorry to miss all our friends at Theater Day on August 27th. We also regretfully announce that our upcoming performance of "Color Remix," scheduled for September 9th at Discovery Green, has been cancelled. We are currently working with our partners at Discovery Green to re-schedule the performance, and will circulate that information once it is finalized. Meanwhile, we invite you to "save the date" for our upcoming show "X20" at the MATCH on November 10 & 11, 2017.
Regarding Harvey: There are many terrible things occurring the world, and indeed, in our own country. Houston is a multi-cultural city that is connected through our population to almost every corner of planet earth. Our community relates directly to tragedies elsewhere because we come from these corners. Right now - we are living in a city of diversity that has come together as a single race to help each other. Houston is far from perfect. But if you are outside of Houston right now - it is perhaps hard to understand how profoundly moving it is to see individuals of all shapes, sizes, backgrounds, religions reaching towards each other with a helping hand. If Houston is to be an example of anything - let this be our message. We are one species. We are one race. We live on one planet. There is but one earth. Let us help one another. We need this message now more than ever.
As we move forward, I am holding close to my heart the encounters brought on by Harvey, these precious moments in which we reach towards both friends and strangers, and find our humanity.  
With care and compassion.  Karen
Photo of Karen Stokes Dance in "Drench." Lynn Lane Photography.
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